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What is Streamlux

Who should use Streamlux and why?

Written by Alex
Published on 5/24/2021

What is Streamlux?

Streamlux is a desktop application for Windows, macOS, and Linux that lets you connect your smart lights including brands like Philips Hue, LIFX, and more, to your stream. You can setup custom animations to trigger when events (a subscription, raid, etc) while you’re streaming.

You can find more detailed information about Streamlux on the other pages of this Help Center.

The Streamlux Help Center is being updated with more content every day. The Streamlux app has a lot to offer and we want to make the features as easy to use as possible.

Who is it for?

Currently Streamlux has a set of features that are aimed at streamers. However stay tuned for some big announcements if you’re a viewer, we have some cool things in store for you as well.

You can also use Streamlux if you’re neither a streamer or viewer. Streamlux is a great way to control your smart devices right from your computer.


Create custom lighting animations easily with the Lux Editor.

Add devices wizard screenshot

Easily connect your devices with our simple device discovery wizard.

Add devices wizard screenshot

Use the LightBoard to control all of your devices from one place.

Add devices wizard screenshot


We are adding new features weekly and love to hear feedback and suggestions from streamers and viewers alike. The best place to reach us is to join our Discord server using the button below.

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